We are delighted to announce Nathan Montague as GlobalLimits’ training advisor.  Nathan is our champion in GlobalLimits Sri Lanka – The Wild Elephant Trail 2016 and 4 times representative of UK in the British Championship 100k. 

If you like to contact Nathan for your personal training needs, you can reach him directly,

Nathan’s Coaching philosophy:

  • Be clear on your reasons why. When you have a distinct purpose you have more chance of success when the seeds of doubt creep in and to help maintain motivation.
  • Specific and thorough preparation. Prepare through a structured and progressive program that builds confidence and resilience for the body but also the mind.
  • Build a detailed plan to get you to the start line and a strategy for the event. A detailed Plan that also accounts for potential minefields will increase motivation and the chances of success.
  • The commitment you will make to yourself. This pledge will help keep you on track on the hardest days or when you need to dig in deep during your goal race.
  • Strategies for adapting the plan during your training and goal races. Developing techniques to challenge your perception in the challenging situations. 
  • Pre-planned strategies for handling the tough times and managing the pain in the difficult times and where motivation may be most difficult.
  • Keeping focused on the end goal. With micro-goals building towards the persistence can be maintained.