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Message from our Medical Director, Dr. Ryan Paterson

"Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome" (Samuel Johnson)

As the global pandemic shuttered much of the world, ultra-running events were cancelled globally, yet the passion for ultra-running remained.  GlobalLimits sought to provide an outlet for this passion. With world-wide COVID cases approaching 32 million people and nearly 1 million deaths form the virus, Albanian case rates remained relatively low and the country remained open for travel and tourism. Monitoring these factors, a set of risk-reduction strategies were conceived using the best available public-health practices and recommendations. 
The goals were clear: 1) To enable runners, willing and able to travel from any country, to run and to return home healthy and safely. 2) Keep the international and local staff healthy and safe. 3) Keep the local Albania people free from exposure to any potential virus we might have brought to Albania.
Through the great efforts put forth by the runners and all the staff, we experienced no cases of COVID; neither brought to Albania nor acquired in Albania. It took all groups remaining diligent in their practice of the risk-reduction strategies to ensure a successful event and achievement of our goals of health and safety. The race had a 100% finisher rate without any major adverse health events.  
The success of this race demonstrates that ultra-trail running events can still take place during a global pandemic. 
Thank you to all who participated and made this wonderful event possible.