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Race Report Stage 1 - Cambodia 2022

The 9th GlobalLimits Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path started today.

With the blessing of monks and cheering of local children and family, the competitors set off with their fresh legs and head north towards the ancient capital of Angkor Wat (in the next 6 days, though). What they are going to see and experience is unique!

Their fresh legs are soon soak up with water - yes, only the lucky runners this yes can experience the unusually wet course but all have eventually decided that the course is an enjoyable one. Thankfully the sky has cleared 2 hrs after the race started.

In today‘s 32,3km stage, Kurt Dhont from Belgium finished the stage in 3:25. He was followed by podium winner of Albania who lives in Cambodia, Harri Washington from the UK. The third is Teresa Lam from Hong Hong, who finished the stage in 3hrs 40m.

Christine Horner, who was second in GlobalLimits Bhutan in 2014 took the third place. Well done Christine!

Especially to highlight today is Teresa Lam from Hongkong who passed her 3000th GlibalLimits race km at today’s stage in her 15th GlobalLimits race.

But this is only first stage. Let‘s see how the podium places are going to change when the runners are more acclimatise to the conditions here!

All the runners arrived safely at our first camp in a remote village where they will share the traditional wooden houses with local families and prepare for tomorrow‘s 36km stage.

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