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Breaking News - Final Report Bhutan 2024

The final stage of GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret 9th Edition is completed, covering a 14.6km route and finishes at the iconic Tiger’s Nest.…

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24th May - 1st June9th Bhutan - The Last Secret
9th - 17th August

5th Sao Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossing

29th Nov - 7th Dec

11th Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path



26 April - 4 May1st Uzbekistan - Footsteps of Alexander The Great
28th Nov - 6th Dec12th Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path
***2 more races (Bhutan, Sao Tomé or Albania will take place in 2025. Which races and dates will be announced soon. 

We asked some frequent starters for a Testimonial:

Karen Wei/Hong Kong

"GlobalLimits was my first experience of a multi-day SUPPORTED race, and it changed my life for the better.

Several things made me do 3 races with them so far:-

1) keeping the field small means you really become a family with the other racers and also volunteers/organizers;
2) amazing locations and especially finish lines;
3) a loyal group of repeat competitors who are now friends and so the race becomes a lovely reunion;
4) not having to haul a heavy pack! 

Kevin Webber/Great Britain

When I was told aged 49 I was dying of cancer I had so many unfulfilled dreams that I thought were taken away forever.

Then I found out about the amazing GlobalLimits races and with Stefan's unwavering support I have now raced in Cambodia , run across the equator at Sao Tome and climbed mountains in Albania. I can honestly say that the personal achievement that GlobalLimits races have given me when I thought all was lost has been nothing short of life changing and I have used those races to inspire so many others who had given up on life

Jo Petersen/New Zealand

I feel privileged to have been able to participate in three of your races (Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Albania). GlobalLimits is a fantastic company- the venues for the races are spectacularly exotic; the courses are well planned and the general organisation of the events is beyond reproach.

Derek Kwik/Hong Kong

I am fortunate to have been a competitor in 2012 Cambodia, 2015 Sri Lanka, 2016 Bhutan and 2019 Albania. GlobalLimits is like an extended family that keeps growing – there is so much camaraderie within a small group of competitors, staff and volunteers.

Xavi Marina/Spain

For me GlobalLimits races are a dream realized: Run on the BEST landscapes enjoying with Runners from all around the world and also with locals. Share experiences and try to do my best. The staff always were amazing and super well organizated. 3 continents, 5 years, 5 races, 1000 cool moments

Ash Mokhtari/Canada

I signed up to run in Cambodia with GlobalLimits in 2016. I had a blast; the race was very well organized and exceeded my expectations by far. I signed up for other races with GlobalLimits in Albania and they did not disappoint: they were equally spectacular. The combination of running in remote corners of the planet experiencing the rich cultures of other countries specially the archeology is what draws me to GlobalLimits races.