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Breaking News - Sao Tomé 2023

Thank you runners of GlobalLimits Saõ Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossing - who passed all equipment and medical checks. They must carry the mandatory equipment in our list during running (that include an adequate water system and first aid kits). GlobalLimits is transporting their 10kg personal supplies for the week from camp to camp.

Today we also say farewell to the city after a tour through major historical sites and enjoy a delicious local fish and/or vegetarian lunch. We then headed to the heart of the island, the plantation of Agostinho Neto. The runners are staying in the beautiful botanical garden inside the plantation. The heavy rainfall in the afternoon add extra humidity to the already heavy air.

The opening race and crew briefing just took place in the botanical gardens of the Roça Agostinho Neto.

Runners got a detailed introduction into the race and camp setting.

The start of the 200km epic adventure is tomorrow at 7am local time.

Stay tuned….