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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 1 Cambodia

Today is the day. The 6-days epic journey through the Ancient Khmer Path started today.

Today's course spans 32km to the north, meandering through grasslands, local villages, and lotus ponds. Upon reaching the finish line, the participants find respite in several local village houses, providing a unique opportunity to share the daily hustle and bustle of the locals.

In today‘s stage, Nathan Stewart. from England finished in 2:55, taking the first place. Kim Saroun, from Cambodia, arrived only 2 minutes after Nathan. Hans-Jürgen Rohkämper from Germany took the third place. At the ladies’ side, Teresa Lam took the first place. Claire Thevenet. from France followed and Lynn Robinson came in third.

All the runners arrived now in the first camp and prepare for tomorrow‘s 36km stage. Official result: www.global-limits.com/the-ancient-khmer-path/race-update/results.html Stay connected with the latest updates by following us on Instagram at @globallimits_running or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GlobalLimitsSportMarketing/. GlobalLimits provides daily insights into race results, photos and moments of the GlobalLimits experience.