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NEW DATE Bhutan 2021

As per today the borders to Bhutan are still closed and all international flights are suspended. Bhutan is still in lockdown.

Although the Tourism Authority of Bhutan had previously informed us that the border of Bhutan would be open in March 2021 for tourism, it has changed its tone recently.

The on-going closed borders, suspended flights, limited transit options and lockdown in Bhutan, as well as in most of your home countries, do not guarantee a proper and reliable planning of the event for end of May this year.

Therefore we have decided to postpone the race to September this year.

The 8th GlobalLimits Bhutan is now taking place from 17 - 25 Sept 2021.

This new date would also give you the unique opportunity to join the Thimphu Tshechu Festival which is taking place exactly at the opening dates of our event. The festival is one of the biggest festivals in the country and is participated by thousands of people every year. We are working on a program that would allow all of us to join this "once in a life time" experience.