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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 2 - Bhutan

Todays stage 2 is "just" 30km but expected to be the thoughest of the week. The ascent today ranges from 1756m to 3400m through a 21km scenic climb across the Bhutanese Himalayas followed by a 10km descent.

Todays winner was again Anton Schäfer from Germany in 4:33hrs followed by local runner Sonam Chophel and Oliviero Alotto from Italy. Female winner was Rashi Chozom from Bhutan in an impressive 6:09 hrs followed by Edyta Rychcik-Zygadlo from Poland who hasd a very strong day. Joined 3rd were Sarah and Josie Kucera from the UK.

The though the stage was all runners were really overwhelmed by the scenery and untouched mountain trails.

Tomorrow will be another big ascent day for the runners. They will be rewarded with an active recovery plan: the highest football match in the country, held at another monastery.

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