Uzbekistan - Footsteps of Alexander the Great


Strictly limited entries only!!!

230 km – 6 stages                    

Experience Uzbekistan like no others.

GlobalLimits Uzbekistan is a thrilling 230km, 6-stages ultramarathon through the heart of the ancient Silk Road. Join the challenge: we meet at the UNESCO Heritage city of Samarkand, known as the Crossroads of Cultures and finish at the iconic sandstone fortress Nur, built by Alexander the Great in 327BC, in the ancient city of Nurata,. It will be another unforgettable spectacular finale to your collection of GlobalLimits Heritage Site race series!

We celebrate your achievement in Bukhara, a beautiful UNESCO Heritage City with a bustling old town and the blue domed madrasas and intricately decorated architectures stand out against the imposing Kaylan Minaret.

The 6-stage race is also a total cultural immersion experience. Throughout the race, we stay in local villages, yurt camps and campsites set-up for you in mountain valleys. The carefully selected and marked race course spans through mountain valleys, rivers, lakeshores, deserts, steppes, local villages and many more extraordinary remote places.