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March 2016 - Xavi Marina (Spain)


Javier Marina (Xavi) is from Blanes, Costa Brava, Spain.  The Wild Elephant Trail 2016 is his first GlobalLimits race and he has committed to running in the upcoming Bhutan and Cambodia races.  Javier is not only a competitive runner, but he is also the owner of Pastisseria Marina in his hometown.  He is going to share with us how he manages the balance between eating cakes and training for multi-day races.

You have committed to run all 3 multi-stage races organized by GlobalLimits in 18 month; and Sri Lanka - The Wild Elephant Trail - was your first step.  How do you like your first race with GlobalLimits?

It is great to have a big project in the next coming months.  I first joined a multi-stage race in 2005 and after that I continue to do multi-stage races in different countries; and I have found GlobalLimits, which is an incredible way to discover new places for running. 

Sri Lanka is a place that I always want to go.  It is an exciting country with many surprises.  The temples, the campsites, the rivers, runners from around the world, and the local cuisine.  Sri Lanka is full of life!  Sports and Travel is the combination that I want and this Race has it all. 

Can you tell us about how you train in your hometown and how you manage your job and training schedule?

I am from Blanes, a little fisherman town in Costa Brava, Spain.  I train everyday but not too much.  An hour (a day) is a good training for me.  There are many trails around my home, the flat ones for speed training and the hilly ones for getting my legs stronger. 

I work as a pastry maker and this is the reason for running all the time, as I eat a lots of cakes!  I got up very early in the morning and when I finished my work, I’d try to go training, which has become part of my life.

What are your recommendations for first time multi-stage ultra-runners?  Do you have any secrets for good performance?

I try to take it easy.  I enjoy travel and sports, so for me running in the races are like holidays.  Open-mindedness is the key to endure multi-day races.  Multi-day races are different from one-stage races.  You don’t have lots of time for recovery and you have to know your body 100%.  Experience is very important.

My secret is to train your body and mind everyday and enjoy all that you do.