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Sept 2016 - Ali Wehbi (Lebanon)

Ali Wehbi, The “Lebanese Desert Runner”, is a veteran of GlobalLimits’ Bhutan and Sri Lanka race.  He has been running for various charitable organizations for Lebanon and was awarded in 2012, the National Order of the Cedar, Knight Grade (the order is the highest honor of Lebanon), and in 2007, he received the medal of "Lebanese Order of Merit”. The trauma of the loss of his mother to the battle of Cancer pushed him to embrace extreme running for a cause. He decided to push himself to overcome some of the most challenging runs while helping numerous causes in Lebanon, with a future global outlook.       

In the end of November Ali is coming back to GlobalLimits Cambodia – The Ancient Khmer Path (Last year injury obliged me to stop but looking forward for this year) to achieve his GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runner series award.

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

French-Lebanese, father of two, ICT consulting. The death of my mother to cancer in 2005, made me feel helpless, there was nothing that I could do to save the life of the person I loved most. In order to cope with this loss, I decided to challenge myself and help others.

2. Which one is your favorite GlobalLimits race? Why?

Each one of them is unique, in terms of running, culture and beautiful locations, and specially the interactivity with the local.

Stefan designs the races for runners, and he is very close to the runners.  He listens and supports the runners before, during and after the race,  (never forget he spend a few weeks searching best solution for me to travel to Bhutan).

But I enjoyed all.

3. Can you tell us about your Reforestation Run this year and The Promise Run in Lebanon and in 2015?  What are the causes?

The Reforestation Run challenge, I have crossed 500km in all the Lebanese regions with an average of 70km a day, in 7 days!

I started in the North of Lebanon and finished in the South . I ran for 7 days and planted 5000 trees in all over Lebanon with the cooperation of Jouzour Lebanon, an Association who supports the same cause. Also I gave a speech in Schools and Universities on his way. My target was not only to plant 5000 trees and to run on 7 days for 500km, but also to create awareness in Lebanon and especially in schools and universities - because they are the future of Lebanon. They will become the leaders and the people of tomorrow.  

ThePromiseRun: I run the #ThePromiseRun for the Lebanese Red Cross, 1000km across Lebanon from June 1 to June 14 2015.  My run was no fun run. The run was for a great cause. I run from one Lebanese Red Cross Blood Bank to the other all over Lebanon during these 14 days spreading awareness on blood donations and gathering people's promise to donate their blood when and where needed.                  

Hope to see you out on the course!

If you would like to know more about Ali, please visit www.alainwehbi.eu