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Dec 2017 - Frank Alveraz (Mexico/USA)

Meet our friend - Interview with Frank Alvarez (Mexico).  He is a GlobalLimits veteran - he has just received the GlobalLimits Heritage Site runners series award in Cambodia. He shares with us why he chooses GlobalLimits races and his favorite race.

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

I was born in Mexico in a small town in the state of Zacatecas, a state best known for its rich deposits of silver, its colonial architecture and its importance during the Mexican Revolution. But at the ripe old age of ten months I ended up in Chicago, USA.  Later I moved to Texas and started a US based company providing service to Automotive and Appliance companies in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.  I spend most of my time traveling for business while managing to spend time with my family whom I owe a lot to. I also love to read historical novels and enjoy traveling and learning about other countries.

2. How did you start multi-stage running?

I first got involved in multi-stage racing in 2006 and was inspired by having watched a documentary in which a blind Korean was participating in one of these events. Due to the heavy travel schedule I never really properly trained but the subsequent events I did participate in definitely made significant changes in both my outlook in life as well as my health. Never in my wild thoughts would I have completed several multi stage ultra marathon events but being in the heavy machine and industrial field I thoroughly enjoy the open spaces and the closeness to nature these events provide. Now I look forward to the “next one”.

3. Why do you choose GlobalLimits races?

My good friend Stan Lee introduced me to GlobalLimits a few years ago but coming back to GlobalLimits has been my choice. The smaller groups provide better comradeship with like minded individuals and the ability to connect with local people through the home stays provides a unique opportunity to feel the ethnicity and day to day life.  GlobalLimits has done a splendid job in providing a balance of support while allowing us to be influenced by the local flavor.

The various locations epitomize an escape to the unusual, the unknown and unfathomable. Vague remote locations have become realities.  The local inhabitants have shown me a remarkable way to live; purposeful and deliberate while taking the time to feel the joy and tenderness of an everyday existence.

The finishing locations provide a deep cultural experience coupled with a historical significance.

4. Where is your favourite GlobalLimits race location?

My favorite location is Bhutan. A race I struggled mightily every single day. By shear will I managed to cross the finish line. The mountains were both exhilarating and exhausting. The people are extraordinary and unique. A country like no other that understands that true happiness comes in coming closer to nature.  Bhutan is truly a hidden gem.

5. Where/when are we going to see you again?

I plan on participating in Albania 2018 and I look forward to being a stronger competitor while still enjoying the country and local flavor. I also plan on doing the Cambodia race again.

I truly appreciate the extraordinary efforts of the GlobalLimits team who not only provides proper guidance under complex logistics in foreign countries, but also introduces us to a window in which few people are able to glimpse.