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June 2018 - Tommy Chen (Taiwan) Runner (In English and traditional Chinese)

Still only in his early thirties, Tommy Chen has already made numerous records in various ultra challenges across the world.  He had chosen the path of a professional ultrarunner since his high school time (and prepare for it from there) and worked his way up to becoming a world renowned ultrarunner, motivation speaker and many more.  As he continues to realize his dreams, he shares with us his experiences running in Bhutan.

Tommy Chen tried to run the whole world, to make his dream comes true. 
He found the "7 continent marathon club", 
and started to follow it from 2009. 
" I will run across 7 continents , and complete 8 Ultra marathon races within 5 years." announced his plan in the press conference 2010.
Now, he is completed and keep going...

How did you train for the race in Bhutan?

Taiwan is a small country; but it has many high mountains – there are over 1,000 mountains that are above 3,000m high.  The highest being the Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) at 3,952m. 

Two months before the races, I was training at these mountains.  I did 40-60km or 8 hours of trail running during weekends. 

How do you plan for your recovery during the race?

I expected that I would become more fatigue as the race gone by.  My strategy was to relax at the beginning and focus on Day 3,4 and 5.  In addition, re-hydration is also very important, I made sure that I drink at least 2l after the race per day; and ate as much as I could.  I must say, the food provided by the organizer was great!

What is your impression about GlobalLimits’ race?  Are we going to see you again in our races?

It is a pleasant, family-style race with an organizer who cared about runners. 
The best is, we were able to learn about local cultures and there were many opportunities to interact with locals.  I really like this part. 

Of course, I will be back again!  

1. 可以介紹一下自己嗎?


2. 您是如何準備GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret 比賽?


假日則會練比較多,40-60km or 8小時的山徑

3. 比賽中的體能恢復策略 (How do you plan for your recovery during the race?)

以及能夠多飲食就多吃,不的不說,這次主辦單位每天準備的伙食挺不錯的 :D

4. 對GlobalLimits 比賽的印象。我們會再在GlobalLimits 比賽見到您嗎?當

許多比賽會比較商業化,但 GlobalLimits 讓我感到非常的溫馨,