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Breaking News - Race Report stage 3 - Albania

After a relaxing evening in the village of Peshtan, the runners are ready for the 54,8km long stage.

The weather is hot but windy. The runners have to run across the lush valley behind the village reaching check point one, in the Village of Limar that sits 800m above sea level.

After check point 2, they run across the scenic Zagoria valley, toward the Greek border and the south of Albania. The finish line locates next to a lake, with beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and our running trail of tomorrow's stage.

Today, Samuel Castela of Portugal overtook William McMillian from the UK by 2 minutes and won today's stage. Stefan Kapellen of Germany took the third place.

Filipa Castela from Portugal achieved another course record today and stay on top of the female category. Christian Khnaist from Austria continues her strong performance and stays in second place, followed by Teresa Lam from Hongkong.

Despite the heat and the distance, Israel Achuleta from the US and Carlos Llano from Spain gave an impressive performance today finishing the race in 9th and 11th.

Tomorrows 4th stage of 38km brings the runners to the highest point of the race in 1350m and finishes at the monastery of Mesopotam.

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