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Breakng News - Race Report Stage 4 - Albania

After a night of good rest under the stars by the lake, GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure runners are ready for another 38,4km running. They left the camp at 7am and run through the village of Lazarat before climbing up the 1340m high mountains and reach the top for a panoramic view of Corfu and the Ionian Sea. They then descent to the village of Delvine and climb through another mountain and reach the finishing line at the ancient monastery of Mesopotam, built in 1224. They will spend the evening by the famous monastery and enjoy a cool dip in the nearby river.

It has been a very hot day and we applause the good efforts of all runners - they all arrived at the camp by 1730 despite the hot weather.

The lady's ranking remains unchanged with Filipa from Portugal breaking the course record again and finished in 4:47hrs. Followed by Christina Khinast in second and Teresa Lam in third.

There has been an exciting race going on in the male category as the ranking keep changing everyday and everything is possible before the finish of the race. Today Stefan Kapellen of Germany won the stage in 4:47hrs followed by William McMillan from the UK just 3mins behind.  Third position today went to Albanian runner Dashamir Cali. No changes in the overall ranking, William McMillan is still comfortably in lead but second ranked Samuel Castela is now just 1:41mins ahead of Stefan Kapellen.

Tomorrow the runners will head towards the village of Murci – the finish line is getting closer!

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