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Breaking News: GlobalLimits Bhutan 2021:

We are still confident that the race in September will take place as planned.

Following please find an update about the travel situation to/from Bhutan:

- the borders to Bhutan are still closed

- all international flights are still suspended

- 93% of the Bhutanese population has got the first vaccination already and it is planned that all of them will get the 2nd vaccination in July. According to the Bhutanese authorities it is planned that the borders are opening after everybody got the 2nd vaccination (please remember that the 1st vaccination was given to all in March within 10 days only).

- the transit options of Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok could be critical, esp. Delhi and Kathmandu due to the Delta virus variation. However, transit only should be no problem.

We very well understand that travelling might cause serious problems to some of you. But, it is still 2 1/2 month to go and the situation might change quickly...

We are in permanent contact with the Bhutanese authorities and will post any significant updates ... stay tuned