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August 2021: The first GlobalLimits Champion Couple: Filipa & Samuel Castela

 Filipa and Samuel from Portugal is the first GlobalLimits Champion Couple - they both won the second edition of GlobalLimits São Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossing. Before their triumph in São Tomé, Filipa had won our race in Albania (2020) and Samuel was already twice on our podiums in Cambodia (2019) and Albania (2020). It is an incredible achievement. We ask this power couple why they like GlobalLimits' races and their tips for winnings. 

1. Why São Tomé?

São Tomé is a jewel of the world, one little island lost in the middle of the ocean, still to explore, very genuine. It's a privilege to run in such a place and to be able to finish the last stage at the Equator line was an unique experience.

2. How do you compare the course to the GlobalLimits races in Albania and Cambodia (where you participated in the last two years?)

All 3 races are so different from each other; they have no comparison possible. 

Albania is mountainous with fabulous views, almost no vegetation, lots of rocks, a very technical route and very steep. The campsites are located in unique and historic places. 

Cambodia, on it's turn, is almost completely flat with endless straight dirt roads, and despite being humid like São Tomé, the climate was completely different, clear skies and direct sun. 

In São Tomé, even on the road, we have dense vegetation all around, with very close and open people. We had the possibility to run both close to the coast and in the middle of the jungle, and there is a great variety of terrain.

3. How did you train for São Tomé? Any tips for future participants in the race?

We continue with the endurance work that we have been developing in recent years, we did some ultra trail and ultra spartan preparatory competitions in different types of terrain and conditions; and we added some training on dunes and cliffs in the heat of the sun.

Pro tips? Have a consistent running training volume for a few months, on varied terrain: uphill, downhill, rough terrain, road, ... Train what you are going to eat during the race and taste the dehydrated food in advance.

4. How useful was your Spartan experience for the race in Sao Tome?

The Spartan Races enable us to run in all types of terrain, with varied types of efforts and alternating pace; they also require the need for quick recovery (most often we run 2 races in one weekend), and they develop our problem solving skills and remain calm in any circumstances.

5. When are you going to see you again? In Bhutan?

Maybe we'll go back to Albania first, however, if there's any sponsor out there that will finance our trip to Bhutan, we'll buy the fights immediately :D