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Pre-Race Report Albania 2022

The 5th GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure is taking place this week after a hiatus of 1 year! It is a special race not only because our runners are going to explore some of the country's most beautiful places and enjoy Albania’s good food and hospitality along the way, but it is also the 25th GlobalLimits race!

In fact, it is not only another race but a great opportunity to see friends and make friends! 5 runners are our GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runners - they had already been 4 of our races in different locations! More impressively, it is the Austrian athlete, Christina Khinast’s 10th GlobalLimits race! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Christina!

We also welcome back our more experienced and senior runner, the 78 years old Edda Bauer, who was with us this year in São Tomé already. It is Edda‘s 6th GlobalLimits race. She is a multiple world record holder in her age group in ultra distances up to 1000km nonstop.

Also in the race 3 more previous podium winners, Harri Washington from the UK, Belinda van der Riet from South Africa and Teresa Lam from Hongkong.

Besides reuniting with old friends, we are also making new ones - it is our pleasure to welcome Erin Drasler from the USA, who was our medical consultant in Bhutan - she is running this time with us and we have high expectation on her as she is a very fast runner! We also welcome our first Israelian runner, Eilon Armon and volunteer, Eilon’s wife, Michal. Welcome aboard and we hope you are going to enjoy the race and Albania!

Race start is on Sunday, 11th Sept at 07:30am local time on the promenade of the UNESCO world heritage site, the City of Berat.

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