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Race Report Stage 3 - Albania

As the wonderful weather follows us, the runners are bidding farewell to their local hosts and tackle the Zagoria valley and the 54.4km long stage today.  The stage includes a total 2000m ascent. The runners start by a morning trail run up to the village of Limar. From there they ran towards the south of Albania, while enjoying the wonderful views of southern Albanian mountain valleys and arriving at a lake near the historical village of Gijrokaster - where they stay at a beautiful campsite in a river bed tonight.

Erin Drasler from the USA took the victory again today in xa new female course record time of exactly 7:00hrs. Arben Shati from Albania comes in as the first male just 19minutes behind Erin. Harri Washington from England does incredible today and arrives as the second female, followed by Christina Khinast from Austria and Teresa Lam from Hongkong.

No change in the overall rankings. Erin Drasler still in a comfortable lead ahead of Christina Khinast, Teresa Lam and Harri Washington.The second, third and forth woman are now just 12mins apart.

In the male category Arben Shati overtook theoverall lead, second now Martin Dittberner and third Eilon Armon.Special mention is Belinda van der Riet who finished the long stage as sixth overall, what a perfect birthday gift to her. Very well done.

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