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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 3 Sao Tomé 2023

Jungle trails, beautiful waterfalls, and happy villagers welcomed the runners to the start of the 3rd stage of GlobalLimits SãoTomé - The Hemisphere Crossing. The 29km stage brings our runners through beautiful valleys, cocoa plantations, and at the end to the seaside village of Aqua Izé near the famous sightseeing spot of Boca d‘Inferno.

Today's stage was won by Jusuel Alzira followed by Kinderly Batista and Edgar Zola, all from Sao Tomé. Kinderly is still in overall lead ahead of Jusuel and Edgar.

As in the previous 2 stages Filipa Castela from Portugal finished first well ahead of Teresa lam from Hongkong and Maaike Ortibus from Belgium. Maaike overtook the overall third rank behind Filipa and Teresa.

After the stage, our runners camp in the fishing village of Agua Ize and many went for a dip in the clear water. Hopefully the cool water relaxes their muscles and prepares them for tomorrow’s long stage of 59km.

Runners suffert a lot the high humidity caused by heavy rainfall last afternoon. However, Caroline Constable from the UK loved the stage, the demanding jungle section and watercrossing.

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