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Pre-Race Report 8th GlobalLimits Bhutan

Beauty. Spirituality. Purity. Meditation. Happiness. Sustainability. 

Where do one find all these qualities in one country? 

After 4 interesting and testing years, GlobalLimits Bhutan - The Last Secret, is finally back. 

The 8th edition of this 200km, 6-stages, ultra race across some of Bhutan’s most beautiful sights and scenery will welcome 57 runners from 18 countries to the start line on 28 May 2023. 

It would be a moment of “relief” for many of our runners, who have waited 4 years to reach this point and embark on this spiritual journey. 

GlobalLimits sincerely thank all for their patience, trust and supports.

We are also happy to welcome again 20 GlobalLimits alumni (and our team members) - who had already run or support us in our other races - thank you! 

Among these dedicated alumni - 6 sparkling personalised crystal trophies are waiting for 6 of them at the end of the race - the "GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runner” series award. Upon the completion of this race, they would have completed at least 3 GlobalLimits races at 3 World Heritage Sites in Cambodia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Albania or Sri Lanka!

Who to watch this time?

Who will be on the podium at the final night or leading the pack during the race? 

We have GlobalLimits podium winners in this race - Harri Washington from the UK (4 times on GlobalLimits podium); Christina Khinast from Austria (9 times - is she going to make her 10th in Bhutan?) and Kristine Self from Canada, who was second in Cambodia 2017. We also discovered that Shaye Wacht from Colorado, USA, has a personal best of 3:15 in marathon. 

Is speed going to go beyond spirituality…

How about Kristine’s husband Mike Mueller? He had just finished Riga Marathon 2 weeks ago in 2:52hrs. Is Sascha Gramm from Germany recovered in time from his patella irritation?

However, as we also said, we never know, as there are so many secret running talents out there! So follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our homepage for the latest updates of the race and stay in touch! 

We wish everyone a successful and wonderful race!