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Coaching & Medical Advice

Nathan Montague about Coaching tips for GlobalLimits Albania – The Hidden Treasure

GlobalLimits Albania - The Hidden Treasure is a gem of a route. Runnable but rugged enough to take the sting out of the tail. Here…  Read more

First expedition advice – Blister care by Dr Ryan Paterson

On Blisters, Ryan says: "Experienced runners can have blisters as foot conditions change and when race conditions are not identical to training…  Read more


Sept 2018 - Michael Traub (USA)

1. Please introduce yourself (where are you from? what do you do? Your race experiences?). Michael Traub – Denver, CO, USA I work as an independent…  Read more

Sept 2018 - Mario Machado (Portugal) /Course Director

1. Please you introduce yourself. GlobalLimits Cambodia – The Ancient Khmer Path 2017 was my 100th ultra! I discovered running race in 1961.  I was…  Read more

June 2018 - Tommy Chen (Taiwan) Runner (In English and traditional Chinese)

Still only in his early thirties, Tommy Chen has already made numerous records in various ultra challenges across the world.  He had chosen the path…  Read more

June 2018 - Sarah Sawyer (UK)

1.  Please tell us about yourself. I’m Sarah, from Brighton, England, and I run everything from 5ks to 100+ mile ultras, and everything between. I…  Read more

March 2018 - Stefan Betzelt (Germany) Organizer interviewed by Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson is the author of "Marathon Handbook".  He sat down with Stefan to get some insight into how the idea for GlobalLimits started, how the…  Read more

Dec 2017 - Frank Alveraz (Mexico/USA)

Meet our friend - Interview with Frank Alvarez (Mexico).  He is a GlobalLimits veteran - he has just received the GlobalLimits Heritage Site runners…  Read more

Sept 2017 - Pavel Toropov (UK) Course Director

Pavel Toropov (UK) is a 3 times GlobalLimits course director (he was also a team member in another 2 races). Pavel lives in China, he speaks several…  Read more

June 2017 - Geert Meese (Belgium)

Interview with our four times "Best Crew Ever", Geert Meese - Geert, our 4 times Belgium volunteer, tells us about his life, how he likes…  Read more

March 2017 - Vladimir Dedndreaj (Albania) GlobalLimits local Partner

Vladimir Dedndreaj is the owner of Albania Adventure, our local partner of our inaugural race in Albania. He is an avid sportsman and passionate about…  Read more