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Pre-race Report Cambodia 2022

Who does not think it is a privilege and pride to witness and compete in the beautiful Cambodian countryside on foot for 6 days and finish the 220km epic journey in front of the ancient Angkor Wat Temple? 

Competitors from 17 countries are going to experience this in the upcoming 9th edition of the GlobalLimits Cambodia — The Ancient Khmer Path. In between the challenge they will also enjoy the cool water in the scenic Kulen waterfall, sleep under stars in front of ancient Khmer temples and witness local culture in local homes. 

Podium winners from our previous races are also returning – We also have Edda Bauer from Germany, who is a multiple world record holder in her age group in ultra distances (up to 1000miles) in her 4th consecutive race and her 8th GlobalLimits race.... and she was a runner in our very first race in Cambodia 10years ago aready. We also welcome one of our favourite runners Stan Lee from Canada, who is in his 8th race in Cambodia and his 14th race. What kind of gourmet is he bringing this time to fuel his competition?

Will Harri Washington from England (and living in Cambodia), who won our race in Albania this year making her second victory and 3rd podium in 2022 this time?

But again, we always end this report with “one would never knows!”, as we have always discovered new ultra-running treasures in our Ancient Khmer Path.  So follow-us for the race updates! 

It is our pleasure to watch six GlobalLimits veteran runners receiving the GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runner Series Award upon the completion of the race.  The award is a proof that they are very cultured ultra-runners who competed and completed our other races in Albania, Bhutan, São Tomé and Cambodia and crossed more than 800km of fascinating landscapes by way of running, walking and hiking!

Finally, GlobalLimits has not expected that the race would come to its 10th year and 9th edition. We are thankful for the continuous supports from all our runners, staff and the local teams - without YOU, this would not be possible. 

The 9th GlobalLimits Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path takes place between 26 November 2022 and 3 December 2022.

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