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Breaking News - Race Report Stage 2 Sao Tomé

Monte Café is the home of São Tomé’s first bottled water plant and our runners benefit from the pure, safe and delicious water from this plant. Did they have a good sleep in the kindergarten camp listening to the waterfalls nearby? Or they were awake from the excellent organic coffee of Monte Café?

The second stage of the GlobalLimits Saõ Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossings started at 6am local time this morning with a slight downhill jog in the lush jungle of Monte Café; and the runners also ran through several local villages and plantations where they (if they have the time) witnessed the local daily live of the locals. They passed several beautiful waterfalls before they arrived at the finish line in front of the Pousada of Bombaim.

Due to the heavy rainfall earlier this year, the trail became muddy and was an addition challenge to tackle with.

Today’s result:


First: Kinderly Batista/ São Tomé in 2:45hrs

Second: Jusuel Alzira / São Tomé in 2:53hrs

Third: We broad Dias / São Tomé in 3:15hrs


First: Filipa Castela/Portugal again in a new course record time of 3:06 hrs

Second: Teresa Lam/Hongkong in 3:46hrs

Third: Maaike Ortibus/Belgium. In 4:04hrs

Tomorrow we start to head south and will be arriving at the coast.

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