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Breaking News - Race Reporet Stage 5 - Sao Tomé

It was an eventful long stage evening. As we welcomed the last runner arriving at the Praia Grande beach at 20h, a rain storm swept our beachside camp while some runners discovered some baby sea turtles breaking out of their shells and we rushed to bring them to the sea to the beginning of their turtle-hood.

Afterall, everyone had a good rest on the beach and started the 27,7km, 5th stage anew and afresh. The first „stop“ for this stage is in front of the „Cão Pico Grande“ - the needle shape mountain, for a signature photo. They then ran along the coast, passing various villages and plantation before arriving at the“swimming pool“ beach - Praia Piscina, to rest, swim and catch up with their camaraderie. Martin Dittberner from Germany regained his energy today after suffering from heat and stomach problem yesterday and finished the stage at 6th position. Lynn Robinson, an Englander living in the Turks and Caicos, broke her own course record by 53minutes. Congratulations! Great race today by Juan Ricardo Ferrero from Argentina who finished 8th, well ahead of his previous stages.

The first 3 men arrived within 14 seconds.

Stage 5 results: Men’s: First: Ineias Diaz in  2:40:21; Second: Jusuel Alzira in 2:40:30 and Third Kinderly batista in 2:40:35

Women’s: First: Filipa Castela from Portugal in 3:16hrs Second: Teresa Lam from Hongkong in 3:58hrs and Third: Maaike Ortibus from Belgium in 4:13hrs.

The last stage is 16,5km and competition kept going. Ineias Diaz, now at 3rd place overall, is only 1min 31s ahead of Edgar Zola. Both from the São Tomé and Príncipe. Stay tuned and follow our runners. Race result, photos, and daily race report available at www.global-Limits.com; Instagram @globallimits_running; and Facebook @GlobalLimits.