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Sept 2015 - Stan Lee (Canada)

We interviewed Canadian runner Stan Lee, a veteran of GlobalLimits' races, on his thoughts on multi-day stage races. He likes racing so much that he completed 7 multi-day races in less than 12 months between 2010 and 2011.  Cambodia 2015 will be his 20th multi-day race and his 5th with GlobalLimits.

1. How did you pick up endurance running?

I started doing endurance racing in 2007.  One of my patients mentioned to me about endurance races, so I went online to check them out.  My first race was Gobi in China. I sort of enjoyed it, but not entirely.  I couldn't eat any of my dehydrated food that I brought to the race and as a result I lost 14lbs.  The following year, I decided to sign up for another race and another one.............

On another note, it was a great way to run away from my girlfriend. It actually worked!

2. Can you tell us the most special /favourite moments for you among the three GlobalLimits races?

My favorite moment in every race is to search out and drink cold Cokes and Sprites along the course.  On every race I consume around 25 bottles of beverages.  I am also in search for food in restaurants along the course and at camps.  I remembered one time a racer and I hitched a ride into town for a meal and we got lost coming back in a taxi.

3. What do you like most about GlobalLimits' races?

GlobalLimits is an excellent organization that puts on a well organized race. The locations of these races are breathtaking and the campsites are memorable.  I hope that there will be a 4th race someday!

GlobalLimits is a semi supported race, so that means that I don' t need to carry my 40lbs backpack with my Cokes in it!

4. Anything you want us to know about you?

I don't particularly enjoy running or training for races.  I only train about 2 to 3 weeks before a race and my training consists of running 10 to 12K  three times per week on a treadmill.  The racing part is what I enjoy the most.  I get to see some cool and off the beaten path places all over the world and meeting up with racing friends