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Dec 2015 - Dion Leonard (Australia)

A brief self-introduction

I’m an Australian, currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland and happily to married to wife Lucja from Edinburgh Run Tours. I love travelling the world and use ultra running and multi stage events as my excuse to travel to as many new countries as I can. The Cambodian “Ancient Khmer Path” 220k race was my 5th multi stage race having previously completed 2 x Kalahari Extreme 250km (best result 2nd) and 2 x Marathon Des Sable 250km (best result 32nd).

How do you like GlobalLimits' race

The team at Global Limits are exceptional at organising such an event in this location which is no easy feat. Stefan is a experienced multi stage runner himself so he knows what runners need and thinks like a runner whilst organising the event. He has great knowledge of the country combined with excellent local guides and also a mix of experienced runners/adventurers who volunteer as marshals, course directors and checkpoint/timing staff. Global Limits also have one of the best medical teams I’ve come across at a multi stage race and you feel safe in the knowledge they can look after you in any circumstance. I’ve raced with over 1300 people at MDS in 2015 where it is impossible to meet everyone, these smaller races give you a great opportunity to meet the most interesting people from all over the world and make new friends for life.

What do you find most interesting during the race in Cambodia?

Everything was amazing about Cambodia, It’s a country rich with history and culture matched with beautiful landscapes and the most friendliest people. The “Ancient Khmer Path” 220k race is the perfect way to see the country which no bus tour could ever show you. To finish the race at the epic Angkor Wat site is the most perfect way to end the week. Cambodia is a country that will drag you back to visit over and over again as there is so much to take in –Next time I will try the “Fried Tarantulas”!

Anything you would like us to know?

In 2016 I aim to compete in the Gobi Desert 250km (May) and Atacama Desert 250km (October) multi stage races. I’m hopefully of recovering from a Sciatic nerve injury firstly to be able to come to the Global Limits race in Sri Lanka in March as I’ve always wanted to visit there and have heard excellent things about the event from previous competitors. If you are on twitter follow me @Oh_Yes_Please to see how I get on during the year.