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March 2017 - Vladimir Dedndreaj (Albania) GlobalLimits local Partner

Vladimir Dedndreaj is the owner of Albania Adventure, our local partner of our inaugural race in Albania. He is an avid sportsman and passionate about his country, especially its people, nature and culture.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself and Albania Adventure (“AA”)?

ALBANIA ADVENTURE is a licensed tour operator based in Tirana, Albania. It is dedicated to the organization of high quality tours.  We offer high quality tours in Albania with professionally trained tour guides in diving, kayaking, and trekking and many more.  We also have a stand-up paddle Monster.  You can visit our web site for further information.

I founded AA in 1998.  I love outdoor life and want to share my passion with others.  As an Albanian, I am especially passionate about the beauty and nature of my own country.  Soon afterwards, many friends and professional guides joined my company and together we explored the most remote regions of Albania.  We made friends with many local inhabitants and tried to understand their customs and traditions.  I would like to share these wonderful experiences to international visitors to Albania. 

2.  GlobalLimits Albania – The Hidden Treasure – is the first ultra running event in Albania.  What does that mean for Albania and its development of sport spirit?

This is the first time such event is organized in Albania.  The Ministry of Tourism of Albania has expressed high interest in and has promised to provide maximum support for the event.  There are already some Albania runners showing interest in the event.

This is a particular occasion for Albania as it is the first time such an event is organized. The Ministry of Tourism of Albania has expressed high interest and maximal support in the progress of this event.  Considering the fact that to Albanian runners this is an unprecedented event, some of them have expressed the wish to be participants in this race.

3. How was your course checking experience with GlobalLimits?

I would like to thank GlobalLimits for having selected Albania to organize this race.  Honestly, when I first heard Stefan's request it sounded so weird to me and I continued to think so even during the first course exploration/selection trip.  But slowly, Stefan managed to clearly convey his ideas to me and I now have more idea about it.  The collaboration with Stefan has been an unique experience for me – I used to think that I was very familiar with Albania’s landscape but together we had explored many new places in my own country. 

4. Can you tell us something about Albania, its people and its culture?

Albania lies on the western side of Balkan Peninsula and has a population of 3.3million.  The ancestors of the Albanians were the Illyrians, who are one of the most ancient people with long-standing civilization in Balkans.  Albania claims distinction for its rich folklore, interesting and rich cultural heritage.  The hospitality and vitality of the Albanian people comes from its rich cultural heritage and are reflected in the folklores.

5.  Any advice for our runners in Albania?

Albania is a quiet and safe country.  The customs and social conditions are similar to other Mediterranean countries.  The inhabitants of the mountainous regions in Albania are generous and ready to come to assistance with everything they possess.