The Course

Most of the route is on off-road tracks with gravel or forest soil. Only in very few cases will there be asphalted ground.

Three passes of about 3500m have to be crossed. At the very and finish at the Tiger’s nest a final climb to 3050m will have to be managed.

Corresponding descents have to be run.

En route, you will go through prime forest, pass numerous small villages and Buddhist sites.

Camp 1 (1200m)

Located approx. 80km east from the capital Thimphu next to Punakha Dzong. (tents)

Stage 1
31km, first 22km are flat and follow a river valley, then  a climb to approx. 1750m

+ 1.200m / - 700m

Camp 2 (1750m)
Located at Chorten Nyingpo Monastery (tents)

Stage 2
29km, climb to a mountain pass (3500m), then a descent to 2500m through a forest.

+ 2.400m / - 1.700m

Camp 3 (2500m)
Located in a farmhouse in a small village

Stage 3
28km, First section flat, then a climb to a monastery (2800m). The course then follows the ridge before the climb to the Phajoding Monastery (3600m).

+ 1.900m / - 800m

Camp 4 (3600m)
Located inside the Phajoding Monastery.

!!! The biggest desire of the young monks in this monastery is to play a short soccer match against the runners and GlobalLimits team in the late afternoon. GlobalLimits and the Lama of the monastery have agreed to fulfill this wish!!!

Stage 4
38km, ups and downs, mainly through forest and villages. Crosses a mountain pass of about 3500m, last section is a descent to the camp at 2280m.

+ 1.900m / - 3.200m

Camp 5 (2280m)
Located in a farmhouse

Stage 5

+ 2.000m / - 1.700m

Camp 6 (2500m)
Near Paro (village houses/homestay)

Stage 6
15km,  at first the course follows a river and is flat. The final 4km are a steep climb to the finish-line at the monastery of Taktshang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest) (3050m).

+ 1.200m / - 700m