At the equipment check before the race, the mandatory equipment will be thoroughly checked by the organisers. Competitors are not allowed to participate in the race if any of the items declared as mandatory equipment is missing. Irregular equipment checks might be carried out at any time during the race week. Absence of any of the mandatory equipment items can result in a time-penalties or disqualification.

The luggage will be transported by porters/mules from camp to camp and available at the finish-line of each stage. It must be packed in a single bag with the total weight not exceeding 10kg per person. Additional weight will have to be carried by your own.

Personal luggage that is not used during the race week will be transported directly from the Hotel in Thimphu to the Hotel in Paro. One bag per person is allowed.

Mandatory Equipment during the race:
This equipment items must be carried by each competitor at all times during the race.

small light backpack1to carry mandatory racing equipment and the hydration system
headlamp & spare batteries1
compass1for emergency situations
safety Pins12for fixing the bibs plus spares
knife1multi-tool or single
whistle1signal in emergency situations
survival Blanket1aluminium, stores body heat
alcohol gel1minimum of 50ml
sunglasses1 UV-Protection
insect repellent1
medication1light pain killers, e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol
blister Kit1plaster, tape, second skin etc.,sterilised needle, pad, alcohol wipes
flashing red light or glowsticks (2 pcs)1worn on the back of the runner during darkness
hydration System1minimum 2 litre capacity
energy bars/gels/snacks1one week supply,enough for each stage
electrolyte/salt tablets1one week supply
lightweight rainjacket with hood1
plastic Bag1to protect equipment against rain

Mandatory Equipment for full week (additional to racing equipment):
This equipment has to be brought by each competitor to the check-in/equipment check of the race.

This equipment will be transported by the organizer from camp tp camp.

backpack/bag 1to transport equipment from camp to camp
sleeping Bag1
cap1sun protection
sunscreen1SPF 30 is recommended
toilet paper/tissues
spare set of clothes1to wear in camp and keep warm

Optional Equipment:
This equipment is optional but recommended by the organisers.

sleeping pad/matmakes for more comfortable sleeping
trekking polessave energy while walking
flip-flops/sandalsto wear in the camp
tissue/wet wipes