How to travel to Bhutan?

The Paro Airport (IATA code: PBH) is the only international airport in the country at the moment.

The two Bhutanese airlines DrukAir and Bhutan Airlines operate daily flights from Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok.

What are the entry requirements/Visa?

Upon your registration to the race and payment of the race entry fee, GlobalLimits will submit the application/Visa for you and send it to you before you fly to Bhutan.

How do I come from the airport to the opening hotel?

Our team will be welcoming you at the airport. Transport to the opening hotel in the capital city of Thimphu is included. The drive takes about 60minutes.

What about acclimatisation?

There is enough time for acclimation. 

  • Day 1: Opening hotel in Thimphu: 2200m
  • Day 2: First camp: 1200m
  • Day 3: 2nd camp: 1800m
  • Day 4: 3rd camp: 2600m
  • Day 5: 4th camp: 3600m
  • Day 6: 5th camp: 2200m
  • Day 7: 6th camp: 2600m
  • Day 8: Finish Line: 3120m

What are the camps like? 

We stay in tents, monastery buildings and local farm houses.

How much altitude gain do we have to run?

10.800m up, 8.000m down

Will our luggage be transported from camp to camp or do we have to carry it?

We transport your supplies (total weight of 10kg) throughout the race. 

Is food included?

Two catering teams travel with us and provide 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with tea and coffee. Please email us in advance if you have an allergies and special dietary needs. If you decide to bring your own food, hot water will be provided. 

What is the running terrain like? 

Most of the route is on off-road tracks with gravel or forest soil. Three passes of about 3200m - 3700m have to be crossed. Highest point is on 3712m. Total ascent: 10.800m, descent: 8.000m. En route, you will go through prime forest, pass numerous small villages and Buddhist sites. 

Are you supporting any charity projects that we can join? 

Every year, GlobalLimits sponsors the living and education expenses for young monks in at Phajoding Monastery.  All runners have a chance to experience the life of a monk at our camp at the end of Stage 3!  Phajoding Monastery is laying in high altitude of 3600m. To reach the nearest road to the Monastery required a 2.5 hours hike.  It hosts and provides education to about 90 young boys from underprivileged background. (

GlobalLimits also sponsors an English teacher for a year for monks in the Chorten Ngingpo Monastery (camp 2) in Bhutan.

Is the daily tax of USD 250 per person included in the entry fee? 

YES, the fee for 8 days of the event is included in the entry fee