Sobre nosotros

Somos un equipo organizativo altamente professional que ha estado corriendo carreras extremas durante más de 20 años. Encabezamos una probada trayectoria en organización de diferentes acontecimientos.

Con la experiencia que hemos Ganado en varios acontecimientos alrededor del mundo, estamos orgullosos de poderte ofrecer una carrera bien organizada y dispuesta de la major manera possible.

Nuestro equipo multilingüe estará respaldado por voluntarios muy motivados y experimentados, así como un equipo de organización local expertos en organización de acontecimientos al aire libre en áreas remotas.

Nuestro altamente considerado equipo médico asistirá y te ayudará con todos los tratamientos médicos necesarios durante la semana de carrera.

Stefan Betzelt / Fundador y director general de GlobalLimits

Stefan nació y vive en wiesbaden/Alemania. Ha fundado GlobalLimits en 2012. Ha Ganado toda su experiencia participando en diversas ultra carreras como Marathon des Sables, Les Foulees de la Soie China, Himalayan 100Mile Stage Race, Racing the Planet Namibia and Desert Oman Raid. Ha participado en 20 maratones de ciudad y ha hecho cima en el Kilimanjaro y el monte Aconcagua.
Ha viajado por 85 países y aprendido mucho sobre diferentes culruras. Usa su experiencia para seleccionar emplazamientos y lugares únicos par alas carreras de GlobalLimits.
Stefan ha estado trabajando como Managing Director de instituciones financieras líderes mundiales antes de retirarse en 2004 para empezar con su propia empresa de consultoría financiera.

Nathan Montague/Great Britain - Course Director

Nathan is a father of two beautiful girls, Teacher, Coach and aspiring International athlete. Having competed for his country on multiple occasions in Ultra distance he is continually pushing the boundaries of his own perceived limitations and relish the challenge of this unique sport which tests our resolve every time we dare take the start line. Having competing in some amazing places around the world he is aiming to push himself in international competition on both the trails, mountains and the roads including 24hour racing and the Multi-day stage races. He has competed and achieved success across the UK with numerous course records and wins in national competitions on the trails and roads in ultras in addition to races international, including the Mt Goaligong Ultra in China, KAEM in South Africa and GlobalLimits own Wild Elephant Trail in Sri Lanka. He relishs competing for his country and his short term targets include making the national team in 24 hour racing and the Ultra Gobi 400km in September 2017 + 2018.

Nathan is also the training advisor for GlobalLimits.

Nathan already served as a course marker in the inaugural race Albania 2017 and 2018 and was GlobalLimits course director in Bhutan 2019.

Ryan Paterson, Denver/USA - Medical Director

Dr. Ryan Paterson attended the University of Vermont School of Medicine and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency and Fellowship in Wilderness/Altitude/Expedition Medicine at Denver Health Medical Center/University of Colorado. He also holds advanced certifications in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) and in Mountain Medicine (DiMM). He is a practicing Emergency Physician for Kaiser Permanente at St Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Paterson serves as co-course director for the Wilderness Medical Society and Universities of Colorado and Utah’s Diploma in Mountain Medicine Course (DiMM). He is the current United States delegate to the International Society of Mountain Medicine (ISMM). Currently, Dr. Paterson is working, in partnership with CU South Denver to develop a Wilderness Medicine for Kids program utilizing an original curriculum. He also serves as medical director for No Barriers and another non-profit (Kolkata City Mission) working to establish sustainable development solutions in education, health, women’s empowerment, micro-enterprise and public-health for informal communities in and around Kolkata, India.

Ryan already served as a race medical director at GlobalLimits Cambodia 2016 and Bhutan 2017, 2018, 2019, Albania 2018 and Sao Tome 2020.

Rhonwen Mansfield Thomas/Great Britain - Race Doctor

Rhonwen is a Paramedic from the UK. She has been working for the Ambulance service in Kent for five years and has recently completed a post graduate diploma from St Georges University to qualify as a Paramedic Practitioner. She has volunteered at twice at the Jungle marathon in Brazil and for GlobalLimits in Albania, 2017 and GlobalLimits Sao Tome 2020.

While she is not a runner she loves the outdoors. When she is not at work she is often hiking in the welsh mountains, surfing in Devon or riding a mountain bike down a trail.

Geert Meese, Tielt/Belgium - Volunteer

Geert is a Belgian medic who decided to work a little bit less and spending  more time doing his passions: multi stage racing ( 100 km del Sahara, Marathon des Sables , Grand to Grand ….) , marathon racing , or volunteering in multi stage races ( Spain, Portugal, Oman …). a passion he sheares with his wife.
If not working or racing , his time is spend abroad with a high preference for unbeaten tracks in Asia or South America.  Always enthusiastic  to help participants to make their dreams come true.

Geert already served as a volunteer for GlobalLimits in Cambodia 2015 + 2016 + 2019, Bhutan 2016 + 2017 + 2018 + 2019 and in Albania 2017 +2018 + 2019.

Stefan Schlett/Germany - Volunteer

Stefan is a life long adventurer and celebrates the art of extreme-sports since the age of 19. After school he worked 4 years as an retail salesman, before he joined the German army for 5 years as an paratrooper. The army service functioned as an exit from normal life and after that he never came back to a ordinary life. As a ‘freelance-adventurer‘ and freelance writer he was a Pioneer in extreme-sport in Germany. He was the first German participant in several events famous at the time in the ultra-scene (e.g. Western States Endurance Run, Badwater Race, Grand Raid, Sri Chinmoy 1300 mile run, Marathon des Sables, Tough Guy etc.) and made these events known in Germany through his publications. At the end of the 80s, he set a dozen German records in the street run, from the 6-day to the 1300-mile run, as well as in the deca triathlon (tenfold Ironman), which he would hold for a decade. At his most active times he practiced the following disciplines: ultrarunning, skydiving, mountain-climbing, triathlon, inline-skating, ice swimming, kayaking, staircase running, swimrun, obstacle races, mountain-biking.

Noteworthy Accomplishments:

- 507 Ultras + 209 Marathons in 67 countries, totally more than 2000 competitions in 97 countries

- Former World Records: Marathon and 50k on a cruise ship; treadmill – 111k in 11:11 hrs; Run Up automatic downhill-escalator – 21.403 stairs/5000 m altitude; Ultramarathon in the underground (700 m below the surface in a salt mine)

- First human to traverse 4 continents (three by foot, one by mountain bike) by human power, under competition rules: Trans-America-Footrace from Los Angeles to New York 1992, Trans-Australia-Footrace from Perth to Canberra 2001, Trans-Europe-Footrace from Lisbon to Moscow 2003, Tour d’Afrique from Cairo to Capetown 2005

- Climbing: highest mountains in 45 countries and 5 continents; highest mountain: Pik Lenin/7134 m in the Pamir Range

- 496 skydives all over the world, including one at the Northpole

- Travelling: roughly 120 countries travelled, 400 islands visited, 400 mountains climbed

Pepe Santamaria, Burgos/Spain - Volunteer

Sky runner from the late 90's Pepe has taken part in numerous races and ultras all over the world.

Orienteering, running, cycling or flying, there is no way of keeping him at home. Basicly a "mountain animal"

Graduated in Arts and Design, currently runs his own "environmentally-concerned" building company.

Pepe was already a volunteer at GlobalLimits Cambodia 2013 + 2014, Bhutan 2013 and Sri Lanka 2015 + 2016.

Kostandin Canaj/Albania - Volunteer

Kostandin is a professor at the University of Tirana.

He is also a Basketball referee for 10 years, Fitness Instructor for 7 years, Rehabilitist for 3 years
He trained in Montenegro as a Baywatcher (2014-2015)


Vladimir Dedndreaj/Albania - Logistics & Infrastructure

Albania Adventure is a specialized and licensed agency in the organization of quality tours with appropriate guides in Trekking, Hiking, Kayak, Diving, Rocky Climbing, Ski Mountaineering, Off Road, Outdoor sports and Extreme adventures, all this thanks to the ground teams and professional guides.

This agency was created in 1998 by Vladimir Dedndreaj, who loves the outdoor life and loves sharing with others his passion and desire of exploring Albania’s beauty, always guided by the spirit of adventure. He was soon joined by other friends, professional guides too. During these years their adventures took them from east to west, from north to south, and they soon would know the inhabitants of the different regions and cultures of the provinces where they stepped. Throughout all these years of exploration, they came to know the Albanian territory better than anyone else. This passion for nature was shared in years with thousands of tourists from around the world, who chose to visit Albania and to live the Albanian adventure.

Throughout the years, Albania Adventure guides are constantly trained and professionalized, this also due to the support and training provided by their European partners. Members of Albania-Adventure are regularly trained in order to be always updated and fully fit. Our guides also speak fluent English, Italian and French. Adventure Albania staff is composed of 8 terrain adventure guides and 3 office operators.