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Coaching & Medical Advice

Coach Monty - It is all about the process! Running out of the lockdown.

Everyday we hear news of races and events being cancelled due to COVID-19 - ‘What do we do now?’ Perspective Mr and Mrs please. In all of this I do…  Leer más

Frequent asked Questions to our coach Nathan Montague

1. I've never run more than a half marathon, should/can I still try a multi day stage race? Absolutely. Specific preparation is vital but it is…  Leer más

Avoiding buzzy friends – Tips for protecting yourself against mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are irritating and unpleasant.  These little bugs are everywhere, especially in outdoor warm and humid areas.  Are there anything we…  Leer más

Coach Monty – Festive Frivolity, Feasts and the Fells

With the festive season right upon us, it can either be a fine art balancing a carefully planned training program amongst glorious temptations of…  Leer más

Coach Monty – Training for Running in the Heat

If you are thinking of running a GlobalLimits challenge, the chances are you will experience a little 'heat!' For everything GlobalLimits and the many…  Leer más

Coach Nathan Montague on running GlobalLimits Albania – The Hidden Treasure

Considering ‘The Hidden Treasure’ or already signed up? You will need bravery, strength and valour, of which this Sovereign state stands for, to…  Leer más

Nathan’s 7 tips for successful reflection and building on success

With the end of another season impending, this is an important time to reflect on the obstacles you have faced in the past year, but also the goals…  Leer más

Optimizing hydration for great race performance by Dr Ryan Paterson

In ultra-distance racing communities, it is well understood that low-hydration (hypo-hydration) can led to decreased aerobic performance. Many people…  Leer más

Multi-day Fuelling: Stage Racing Nutrition – Coach Month’s Key Tips for Stage Racing Nutrition by Nathan Montague

When we talk about race nutrition it is important to look at this nutrition in totality to include everything that passes you through your lips…  Leer más


June 2020 - Brent Weigner (USA) -10x Ultramarathon world record holder

Read his incredible, inspiring story, childhood and reason (or no reason) to run. 10 ultramarathon world record holder, ran marathon in 181 countries…  Leer más

March 2020 - Mayra Johnson (Brazil) (in English and Portuguese)

Meet Mayra – our Portuguese native speaking runner  in GlobalLimits São Tomé – The Hemisphere Crossing.  A native of Brazil with Japanese heritage and…  Leer más

March 2020 - Colin Harper (UK)

No one would deny that Colin, a top contender in GlobalLimits Bhutan, Cambodia and Saõ Tomé, is a strong and persistent ultra-runner.  In this…  Leer más

Dec 2019 - Lynn Robinson (UK) on running as a Vegan

Please introduce yourself (and something on your choice of diet - how long have you been a running vegan?) Lynn Robinson, 51 years young, originally…  Leer más

Sept 2019 - Christina Khinast (Austria (in German and English)

Stelle Dich bitte kurz vor. Ich bin Christina Khinast, 48 Jahre, und nehme schon seit meiner Jugend an Laufbewerben teil. Meinen ersten Marathon lief…  Leer más

Sept 2019 - Derek Kwik (Hong Kong)

1. Derek, please introduce yourself. My name is Derek Kwik and I am based in Hong Kong. I am just a below average runner who thoroughly enjoys pain…  Leer más

June 2019 - Joel Anderson (USA)

Please introduce yourself (where are you from? what do you do? Your race experiences?)  Hi my name is Joel Anderson, I live in Boulder Colorado USA.…  Leer más

Dec 2018 - Juan Ricardo Ferrero (Argentina) (in Spanish and English)

1. Por favor, preséntese.  Soy Juan Ricardo Ferrero de Córdoba, Argentina. Mi profesión es Abogado y soy Director Ejecutivo de la Revista Digital…  Leer más

Dec 2018 - Kevin Webber (UK)

My name is Kevin Webber, I am just an ordinary guy, 53, married, 3kids and 2 cats. I ran loads of half marathons in my 20s and a few…  Leer más