Please see a selection of comments of some participants:

Sarah Sawyer (UK): GlobalLimits Bhutan delivered in every way possible – Stefan can’t do enough for his runners, the organisation is second to none, the course is a mix of super technical and runnable, and Stefan makes every effort to introduce you to Bhutanese culture throughout the week. It’s a superb race, but also so much more. In fact, if you were to only do one multi-day race in your life, I would urge you to do this one.

Michael Benz (Switzerland): I was very impressed how well everything was organized and how much more than just a run this week turned out to be.

Rebekka Gardarsdottir (Iceland): Thanks for an incredible time in Bhutan, an absolutely amazing experience. I really enjoyed every minute of this amazing race. The German efficiency didn 't fail once and I can honestly say I have never seen such a smooth operation provided by GlobalLimits and their small team. They are all rockstars who deserve a bit of rest now.

Idunn Bragardottir (Iceland): Thanks for the oportunity to experience this race.  Words cannot tell how happy we are and overwhelmed about the group work you lead.

Cedric Bimar (France): Thank you for a magic moment in the hills of Bhutan. I have appreciated the course, the impeccable organization, the food (!) and the effort ! The group was also amazingly friendly which has contributed a lot to the quality of the experience.

Loz Wong (Hongkong): Huge thanks again to you and your team for such an outstanding event!

Dana Matar (Lebanon): I would say this is one of my favorite adventures by far. I loved the race and the people, such an amazing unforgettable adventure. Thanks GlobalLimits team for the great organization and work you all put into it! Great views, great trails, great volunteers. Bhutan family 2017 you guys rock

Simon Lacey (UK): Getting back to normal and work - has been a tough start to the week!

Dr Ryan Paterson (USA): I really had a wonderful time. You run a fantastic race!

Philippe Hardy (France): It's beyond a simple race ; it is exactly what I was exacting in dream.

Jodi Kearney (New Zealand): I had the most amazing experience in Bhutan and am looking forward to another GlobalLimits adventure.

Katarina Lukovic (Serbia): Just wanted to say thank you all for the support, positive energy, team effort, encouragement, bright course markings, laughs and tears, knee tape, pain killers, football in the rain, prizes, dancing Insomnia, great footage, cherished moments and a book of stories that I will share with my grandchildren one day

Joey Sharma (UK): Bhutan is simply spectacular, you guys were fantastic and I have made so many lovely friendships Bhutan will be etched in my memories forever!

Marilena Wilkinson (Venezuela): There are no words specifically how to describe it, just incredible and beautiful, the mountains, the people so happy and polite, always with a smile, the architecture, the dogs everywhere.

Colin Harper (UK): This race worked on so many levels, as a run, a cultural experience and as a way to make some new friends. Basically this was down to an awesome team which looked after all the tricky It was a hugely enjoyable experience, if you like the look of it then go and do it, you won't regret it.

Martin Wustinger (Austria): Die Betreuung war schon im Vorfeld und vor allem während des Laufs so perfekt, wie ich das noch nicht erlebt habe: immer sofort Antworten bei Fragen, klare Anweisungen, während des Laufs ständig diskrete wachsame Aufmerksamkeit, Essen in den Camps gut und ständig verfügbar und eine Streckenmarkierung bei der man sich einfach nicht verlaufen kann !

Véronique Chamberland: Thank you so much for the incredible experience I lived in Bhoutan. The organization was simply perfect! Also special thanks to Manu Oastor for the 0 fault marking! Many Thanks to all your team, what an excellent job!

Hwee Hoon Khng/Singapore: Thank you very much for the top notch organisation of the race!  I had a wonderful experience at the race-lovely people , scenery, awesome stage finishes and experiences up close with the local people.   The routes and distacnes were well planned and the support given was faultless!   There's nothing i could complain about other than having to leave the place...:)  

Véronique Messina/France: Thanks for this wonderfull race in Bhutan ! Your race was perfect and unforgettable.

Matthew von Ertfelda/USA: Fantastic race and extremely well organized. Well done Stefan and team!!

Ursula Keinath-Janser/Switzerland: I am still captivated & enchanted of all I could experience here in Bhutan. Thanks to your perfect & very much caring organisation. I'd restart tomorrow again if I could

Jo Petersen (New Zealand): I can honestly say, without reservation , that Bhutan was the best organised and most well-planned running event I have participated in to date. It was more than just a run through beautiful countryside-it was a spectacular cultural event and a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and meet some old ones.

Brigid Wefelnberg (Germany): It was absolutely amazing! Anyone who knows of this race and thinks they can do it SHOULD, it is an absolute MUST...!

Edward Chapman (UK): Thanks for a fantastic event; it exceeded my expectations by a long way. The running was absolutely wonderful with some great single track sections; I particularly enjoyed the technical downhill sections and weaving through the paddy fields on the narrow paths. The organisation of the event was excellent, as was the course marking, particularly in view of the fact that children kept removing the orange tape. I also liked that fact that care had been taken to select interesting overnight stops and to allow us to experience some of the culture of Bhutan. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this event to others.

 Karen Wei (Canada): Thank you for organizing a race that allowed me to see spectacular Bhutan.  I enjoyed the sightseeing tours at the beginning/end, sampling local cuisine, and of course it encouraged the social mingling among participants which is always the best part of these races.  Most appreciated was the lovely Zhi Waling hotel at the end, it was a lovely way to clean up / relax and say goodbye.