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Coaching & Medical Advice

Foot Care, the right step forward, by Nathan Montague

Your feet are your most vital piece of equipment. They are put under an immense amount of stress through the constant pounding on the trails, tracks,…  Lire la suite

'Be the Strongest Runner you can be' - by Nathan Montague

We are not talking about brute strength. We are not talking about building a rugby player or heavyweight boxer strength. We are not even talking…  Lire la suite

To pole or not to pole - preparing for the hilly terrain by Coach Monty, Nathan Montague

It is December and I need to give you my Christmas present. And we are talking poles.…  Lire la suite

Message from our Medical Director, Dr. Ryan Paterson

"Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome" (Samuel Johnson) As the global pandemic shuttered much of the…  Lire la suite

Coach Monty: Multi-day Stage Races - Recovery

Adequate and appropriate recovery from racing is vital for long term healthy running. It is not an arbitrary figure that can be plucked from the air…  Lire la suite

Coach Monty - It is all about the process! Running out of the lockdown.

Everyday we hear news of races and events being cancelled due to COVID-19 - ‘What do we do now?’ Perspective Mr and Mrs please. In all of this I do…  Lire la suite

Frequent asked Questions to our coach Nathan Montague

1. I've never run more than a half marathon, should/can I still try a multi day stage race? Absolutely. Specific preparation is vital but it is…  Lire la suite

Avoiding buzzy friends – Tips for protecting yourself against mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are irritating and unpleasant.  These little bugs are everywhere, especially in outdoor warm and humid areas.  Are there anything we…  Lire la suite

Coach Monty – Festive Frivolity, Feasts and the Fells

With the festive season right upon us, it can either be a fine art balancing a carefully planned training program amongst glorious temptations of…  Lire la suite


June 2023 - In conversation with Kevin Webber (UK), a GlobalLimits Heritage Site Runner, the author of “Dead Man Running”.

We interviewed Kevin in December 2018 - after his first race with GlobalLimits in Bhutan. Fast forward, 2023, he has just become a recipient of the…  Lire la suite

Dec 2022 - Kurt Dhont/Netherlands - The overall winner of the 9th GlobalLimits Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path -

GlobalLimits Cambodia - The Ancient Khmer Path is Kurt’s third multi-stage race and his first in Asia. He shares with us his running journey, how he…  Lire la suite

Sept 2022 - Erin Drasler/USA - A mother of two, a full-time working woman and an excellent runner! The overall winner of GlobalLimits Albania 2022

Please introduce yourself. I'm Erin Drasler, a 41-year-old mother of two from Boulder, Colorado. I work as a physician in the Emergency Department…  Lire la suite

Sascha Gramm/Germany

Sascha Gramm from Germany is a very experienced ultra-runner, trainer and frequently shared his experiences in German media. GlobalLimits São Tomé was…  Lire la suite

March 2022 - Harri Washington/UK -The female winner of the 3rd GlobalLimits São Tomé

Harri Washington (UK) is the female winner of the 3rd GlobalLimits São Tomé and she was GlobalLimits volunteer for 7 times before.  Did she prefer the…  Lire la suite

August 2021: The first GlobalLimits Champion Couple: Filipa & Samuel Castela

 Filipa and Samuel from Portugal is the first GlobalLimits Champion Couple - they both won the second edition of GlobalLimits São Tomé - The…  Lire la suite

March 2021 - Guillaume Taufflieb - How to train for and in Sao Tomé

I’m the kind of person which is totally passionate about sport and mostly running.  I need my daily ‘dose’ of run in order to feel in my best mood.…  Lire la suite

Oct 2020 - William McMillan - the winner of the 4th GlobalLimits Albania

Please introduce yourself (where are you from? what do you do? Your race experiences?) My name is Will McMillan and I'm an Irish man originally from…  Lire la suite

June 2020 - Brent Weigner (USA) -10x Ultramarathon world record holder

Read his incredible, inspiring story, childhood and reason (or no reason) to run. 10 ultramarathon world record holder, ran marathon in 181 countries…  Lire la suite