São Tomé - The Hemisphere Crossing -

Strictly limited entries only!!!

200 km – 6 stages

+6.000m / - 6.000m

The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe in the Gulf of Guinea offer a glimpse into forgotten plantations, elegantly built colonial houses, the spectacular tubular Pico Cao Grande, colorful natural beauty in the jungle, and unspoiled beaches. 

The race is an unique challenge to run through the archipelago, crossing cocoa and coffee plantations, witnessing the island’s unusual histories, and camping on idyllic beaches where five species of marine turtles still lay their eggs when in season. 

Of course, the race finishes at the Equator Line – São Tomé is the closest country on earth to the coordinates 0°N 0°E - where the equator crosses the 0° meridian.