Extension Programs & Hotels

Opening Hotel:

Pestana Miramar São Tomé


Additional Night: € 98 per room per night incl.breakfast and tourism tax (double occupancy)


Final Hotel:

Hotel Praia Inhame Eco Lodge


Additional Night: € 86 per room per night incl. breakfast and tourism tax (double occupancy)


In addition we recommend the following extension program:

4 nights:

- 2 night Eco Lodge Praia Inhame  (€ 86 per room incl breakfast and tourism tax)

- 1 night Roca Sao Joao dos Angolares (incl. dinner at best restaurant on island) € 65 per room excl. dinner

- 1 night at Mucumbli Lodge (€ 95 per room incl. breakfast)

We have reserved a limited number of rooms in all 3 hotels. First come first served.

We plan to rent a car/van for the extension group. The rental fee and petrol will be shared equally.

For any requests please contact us on info@global-limits.com