The Course

Most of the route is on off-road tracks with partly sandy ground, gravel or forest soil. Only in very few cases (mostly in the area of Angkor), will there be asphalted ground.

Depending on the amount of rain falls parts of the track can be muddy. In this case, please be aware that you might have to cross some deeper water holes.

The course is mostly flat and you will be faced with only two significant ascents only, one to 430m, the other to 212m. The same applies for decents.

Two major traffic roads have to be crossed. Please be careful when crossing!!!

En route, you will go through numerous small villages. Please do not take any food or beverage from the locals.

Usually locals use their motorbike on the tracks, so please be aware of that.

As Angkor is a very famous tourist destination, some road traffic during the last stage in the area of Angkor can be expected.

Camp 1
Located approx. 180km north of Phnom Penh in a Buddhist temple

Stage 1
32km, fully flat, on well maintained trails only

Camp 2
Located next to a small village.

Stage 2
36,0km, mainly flat tracks through bamboo forest and jungle, forest soil and sandy ground, finish at the gate of the Preah Kham Temple

Camp 3
Located inside the Preah Kham Temple (built in 1131 by King Suriyavarman II.)

Stage 3
62,2km, mainly flat, directly from east to west, first half jungle and second half well maintained trail, finish at the Prasat Boeng Mealea Temple

Camp 4

Located inside the Prasat Boeng Mealea Temple where parts of the movie “Indiana Jones” were filmed. Built in 1100 by King Suriyavarman II.

Stage 4
29,7km, first 15 km flat, field path, next 2km steep climb (+400m), rest relatively flat, sandy ground, passing some small villages, finish at the Phnom Kulen Waterfalls

Camp 5
Located next to the Phnom Kulen Waterfalls (25m high, 15m wide)

Stage 5
44km, first few km flat, then steep decline (-400m), next15km flat, sandy and well maintained trail, short and steep climb (+200m) passing the Ta Aek Temple on the top of the Ta Aek mountain, then steep decline (-200m), rest flat, firm and sandy ground, passing a lot of villages

Camp 6
in a school next to a small village.

Stage 6
16,6km, flat, first 3km sandy then firm ground and asphalt, passing the temples and gates of the Angkor area, 3km on the wall of Angkor Thom, pass the Bayon Temple, finishline directly in front of the Angkor Wat temple