Race Set-up

The event will start on Friday, December 1st with a first meeting of all participants in a 4****hotel in Phnom Penh and will finish in Siem Reap on Saturday, December 9th.

The race will start 180km north of Phnom Penh and finish in front of the world heritage site of Angkor Wat.

All runners will be picked-up at Phnom Penh International Airport and transported to the assigned hotel in Phnom Penh, where they will stay together with the organizing team.

The race course is projected to be 220km held in 6 stages.

All runners must bring  the mandatory equipment required for the race , their personal belongings and  food supply sufficient for 6 days. Only cold/warm water and the camp infrastructure will be provided. (see attached equipment list)

During the race week, all competitors and organisers will stay in the same camp. Tents and toilet facilities are available at each camp but mattresses are not provided.

Each runner has to carry her/his personal and mandatory racing equipment as announced. We tried to reduce this mandatory equipment to a minimum!

Food and personal belongings packed in one bag, and not exceeding 10kg in weight, will be transported from camp to camp.

Personal belongings (one bag per person) that are not needed by competitors during the race week, will be transported directly from the hotel in Phnom Penh to the hotel in Anglor/Siem Reap.

The award ceremony which includes a buffet-style dinner and a local cultural show will take place in the hotel in Siem Reap on Friday night, December 8th

All runners and crew will stay together in the 5***** hotel in Siem Reap/Angkor from Friday, December 8th.

On Saturday, December 9th participants may either leave directly on their own, stay for an extension program (see recommended offers) or choose the transport to Siem Reap International Airport or Phnom Penh International Airport.