The Course

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The Course is mainly on off-road trails with partly rocky ground, gravel or forest soil. Only in very few cases will there be asphalted ground.

The course is mostly profiled with some steep ascent and descents.

You will pass through numerous small villages during the race.


Camp 1
Located approx. 2hrs south of Tirana in the castle ruin  of the World Heritage site of Berat.

Stage 1

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Camp 2
In a local school

Stage 2

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Camp 3
Homestay in a local village

Stage 3

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Camp 4
Next to a lake

Stage 4

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Camp 5
At the ancient monastery of Mesopotam

Stage 5

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Camp 6
In a local village

Stage 6
15km, finish in the ancient amphitheatre of the World Heritage Site of Butrint

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