Daniel Reate/Argentina:

I am still in GL Albania!... what a great race, great people, great country!!!!... Thank you for you great job!.

Cyrus Parvine/Switzerland:

Magnifique course de 220km et D8000+ parfaitement organisée par Stefan Betzelt qui nous a permis de découvrir l'Albanie loin des clichés que l'on peut avoir chez nous. Non, ce ne sont pas tous des brutes mafieuses mais au contraitre des gens extrêmement gentils, serviables et ouverts aux étrangers.


Wika Rawson/Indonesia:

I would like to say huge THANK YOU to Stefan, Medic team and to all the volunteers for the long hours, very HOT days, early mornings, and endless smiles that go in to caring for all of us. Thank you to you all for the endless encouragement, inspiration, and support.


Jessica Roper/USA:

I had an absolutely fantastic trip to Albania, participating in the 2nd edition of GlobalLimits' "Albania: The Hidden Treasure", a 6-day, 220km stage race. If you don't like rocky terrain or steep incline, this is NOT the race for you! Otherwise, the course, the landscape, & the people of Albania were absolutely fantastic and so welcoming. Pictures will never do justice to the sights seen out on the trails!

Stefan & his team of docs and volunteers were once again outstanding, pushing people to their limits while ultimately keeping their health the priority. Camps every night were fantastic & the race couldn't have been better executed.


Kevin Webber/Great Britain:

Thank you for such a wonderful time in Albania. I will be writing about it in the Sunday Mirror national paper this Sunday where I have a column each week, rest assured I will be saying nice things and will scan a copy over to you after Sunday.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful in Albania and the logistics worked so well too, I am sure not without your close attention so thank you.

The medics were in particular just fab, perfect for a race.

I only have great memories thank you.


Katsuya & Sayuri Imanishi/Japan:

Thank you very much for your excellent organization and kind attention during Albania race. Albania race became an unforgettable experience and a precious memory for us.


Aaron Simmons/USA

Thank you for another fun race.  I had a great time and Albania was beyond amazing.   You have really put together a strong team and GlobalLimits is a tremendous organization.


"The Global Limits Albania race was extraordinary special as it allowed me to learn about a country I never knew much about.  The race was extremely well organized and the volunteers were amazing!  It was one of my hardest races due to the terrain and arriving at the finish line in the ancient city of Butrint was one of my proudest moments.  I can highly recommend this race!" 

Henda Salmeron, South Africa


"Participating in Albania was in every way a direct hit. The location,which at first was not so appealing to me, was a major positive surprise, everything was available to make me decide that I would do it again.  I recommend it to anyone who loves cultures, beautiful stages and Stefan..."

Kurt Alderweireldt, Belgium /3 times podium winner of GlobalLimits races


“A few recollections from the race:
- eating figs, plums, grapes, along the trail, either because an old lady handed you grapes or you found them along the trail;
- running through the hills and hearing the sounds of the bells of goat herders echo
- the significant ascent and descents on some of the trails”

Kenneth Krys, Cayman Islands


“What stood out for me especially with Stefan’s Albanian Race was the way he involved the local people.  This was done on two occasions. Firstly when we stayed overnight in the homes of local people which was a really enriching and memorable experience. Secondly, on our penultimate night we enjoyed the hospitality of a small town and participated in a delicious feast out in the square where we enjoyed watching and then trying to participate in traditional dancing.  This entire event was a positive cultural experience for me.”

Caroline Richards, United Kingdom


"Stefan and his team have successfully organized another spectacular race, this time in the previously inaccessible Balkan region, filled with the usual perfect organization, breathtaking trails, unique cultural experience and unmatched camaraderie...."

Haruki Minaki, Japan


"Lonely landscapes, demanding trails, friendly people and a perfect organisation made this stage run an absolute recommendation."

Ingo and Ursel Plehwe, Germany


"This untouched part of Albania, far away from civilisation, as we are used to, you only can explore by running. The race was super organized and the crew was so motivating and helpful.You learn to appreciate just a soft drink in a shady place.

Yor are so far away from your daily stress at home."

Leandra Kurtz, Switzerland, Winner of GlobalLimits Albania 1st edition