The Course

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The Course is mainly on off-road trails with partly rocky or grass ground, gravel or forest soil. Only in very few cases will there be asphalted ground.

The course is mostly profiled with some modest ascent and descents.

You will pass through numerous small villages, lonely beaches, cocoa-, coffee- and palm oil plantations during the race.

If you want to prepare for the race and want to watch a video animation of the stages, then click the links below.

Camp 1
Located approx. 45mins west of São Tomé City in the botanical garden of the largest plantation of São Tomé "Roca Agostinho Neto"

Stage 1
approx. 36km

Camp 2
In the school of Monte Café, the most special coffee plantation of São Tomé

Stage 2
approx. 31km

Camp 3
In the "Pousada Bombain"

Stage 3
approx. 29km

Camp 4
in a small fishermen village next to the sea

Stage 4
approx. 59km

Camp 5
on the beach "Praia Grande" with a spectacular view to the Pico Cão Grande

Stage 5
approx. 28km

Camp 6
on the beach " Praia Piscina"

Stage 6
approx. 16km, after 10km you will be ferried to the small island Ilheu das Rolas where you run the final 6km to finish exactly at the equator line